Staff Picks: Learning Design, Digital Education

Tom Picks “The Learning Design Opportunity of Our Time”

Tom says, “Blended learning opens such interesting opportunities to combine learner-centered anywhere/anytime learning with clear common standards for college/career readiness.”

Karen Picks “The Flipped Classroom Turns Around  An At Risk, Failing School”

Karen says, “Stories like this which give real stats to the success of this model make the impact so much more of a success story. It is also encouraging to read about a principal giving credit to his staff and the teamwork that made it happen.”

Caroline Picks “What Teachers and Parents Can Learn From Korean Hip Hop

Caroline says, “Its all about Gangnam style right now. It’s fascinating how videos like this go viral and I appreciate this post’s attempt draw a correlation with education. I hope we can continue to learn more about students and what motivates them to “like” a lesson or course. Technology has transformed how students are able to consume and create content whether its online alegbra, learning a foreign language or a Korean Hip Hop dance craze.”

Carri Picks “It’s All About Culture at Acton Academy

Carri says, “Caroline’s piece on Acton Academy is great! I just love thinking about the kids there who come bouncing into school each day, eager to soak up the myriad and diverse learning opportunities at their fingertips. I love a school designed around unlocking the potential world-changer in each student. And I love that the Acton story shows how technology can be woven into warm, collaborative classroom cultures.”

Sarah Picks “Fear & Mourning in the Age of Digital Education”

Sarah says, “Early philosophers feared what pen and paper could do to society. Turns out, it was the beginning of the knowledge boom. Then came the printing press and other technologies that many embraced and others feared. Susan Lucille Davis’ blog this week nails it on the head: getting past the fear and mourning of technology in education can bring us to a new era of learning, knowledge, creation, and more.”

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