Indiana School District Replaces Textbooks With 1:1 Laptop Program

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The New York Times published an article this week on the traditional Indiana School District’s switch to a 1:1 laptop program, which replaced textbooks for 2,600 students in Munster, Ind. The school district replaced all its math and science textbooks for students in grades 5-12 with a $1.1 million project for digital learning infrastructure in a new 1:1 laptop program.
Students are using Pearson Education’s “Digits” and Discovery Education material, which allows students to work at an individual pace and receive targeted instruction from a teacher. In addition, the digital tools help assess students’ progress and comprehension on activities. According to the teacher in the article, these tools have improved the ability to meet each students’ needs.
The article describes the growing pains that the school is going through in order to welcome the 21st century learning and tools. Teachers, parents and students are experiencing technical challenges that come with working on a computer. Yet, this educational experience is nothing short of what students will encounter in college and the real world. Increased implementation of models such as this one will reduce the challenge over time.
It’s exciting to see that districts in Indiana and North Carolina are making huge strides to shift education in positive ways that haven’t been done in nearly 40 years. Read the full article “Out With Textbooks, in With Laptops for an Indiana School District.”

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