Like our other services, we personalize speaking experiences based on who is in the room, what your goals are and what you want your attendees to do next. Some of our most frequently requested formats include:


A keynote presentation is the perfect way to inspire, energize and inform the path forward. We specialize in speaking to rooms of district leaders, workplace leaders, educators and much more.

Webinar or Virtual Experience

We believe virtual experiences can be a powerful way to interact with and engage viewers, a place to personalize big trends and data and a way to introduce you to some of the most innovative leaders and locations in education.

Panel Facilitation

One of our strengths is our ability to connect some of our favorite partners, districts and organizations and put together an incredible panel on a theme. Because we’ve called the group to assembly, we then are able to eruditely moderate the conversation to get to the highlights of each persons’ unique experience.


The power of the workshop is the ability to get an outside perspective, a set-aside time for internal alignment and collaboration and a unique space for design thinking, creativity and ideation. We’re here to catalyze your next best step.

Our Specialties

The Getting Smart Team is knowledgeable about a wide range of topics from artificial intelligence and poetry to competency-based models and career and technical education. Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorites:

Education + AI

What leaders and young people should know and be able to do in the wake of the ethical, economic and educational impacts of artificial intelligence. 


Leading community conversations, facilitating agreements in support of iterative development, distributing leadership, and balancing improvement and innovation.

Learner Experience

Personalized and project-based learning, design thinking, social and emotional learning, competency-based progressions, and credentialing capabilities. 

Learning Models

Design principles, school and system designs that leverage community connections, advisory systems.


Creating systems and agreements that enable young people to show and articulate what they know.

Pathways to Purpose and Career

Helping connect young people to work that matters and providing support and guidance along the way, work based learning, and experiential learning opportunities.

Building a Learning Culture

Building a growth mindset culture for all, power of productive self-talk, mindset shift in action, identifying and changing your inner voice, teaching self-talk, productive struggle.

New School Development

Creating innovative educational environments that integrate modern teaching methods, technology, and community partnerships. 


Explore emerging trends and innovations to anticipate and shape the evolving landscape of teaching and learning. 


Crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences to enhance communication, marketing, and brand strategy by making messages memorable and impactful.

Meet Our Speakers & Facilitators

Tom Vander Ark

CEO & Partner

Rebecca Midles

Vice President of Learning Design

Nate McClennen

Vice President of Strategy & Innovation

Shawnee Caruthers

Vice President of Advocacy

Victoria Andrews

Director of Learning Design

Mason Pashia

Creative Director

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Pricing & Requests

Pricing for every engagement is tailored to meet the needs of our partners. We quote fees based on staff requested, travel time required, size of the audience, length of engagement, preparation needed and organization type.

If you are interested in having a member of our team speak at your next event, please fill out our speaking engagement form below.

What is a challenge or set of challenges you feel Getting Smart can support? We personalize all of our projects in order to meet each individual partner’s needs.