The Lure of the Classroom

In 1994 I made what many of my colleagues considered a foolish choice: I quit a successful career in journalism to become a classroom teacher. That decision led to six years of teaching middle school in Southern California and another four years at New Technology High in Napa,…

Future of Learning

Looking Back: Versatile Tools That Made a Difference

As part of her yearly practice, and ongoing reflection, Rachelle Dene Poth likes to look back over the year and the changes that she have made in her class, the tools used and what helped her to provide a more diverse and engaging learning experience for my students.

STEM & Maker

How to Teach STEM Without Being an Engineer

Leading successful STEM experiences has less to do with your actual knowledge as an instructor (though it helps), and more to do with the MINDSET you take with kids. In this post, discover the five MAKER mindsets and how YOU can develop them.