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Future of Learning

There is No Syllabus for Life

By: Chris Unger. Chris provides excitement around a viewing opportunity for the CAPS' documentary, Where Students Lead, at Northeastern University in Seattle.

Future of Learning

The World I Want to Live In

Corey shares the mission for all students to find their calling in this brief excerpt from, Where Students Lead, a film documenting the dramatic student impact of experiential learning at Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Education and the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Network of profession-based programs.

Project-Based Learning

Expanding Our Notion of Student Agency

Student agency from a sociocultural perspective has as much to do with external factors that shape experiences and possibilities as it does with internal attributes. Read more from one of our regular columnists on why it's time to expand our notion of student agency.

Future of Learning

New School Formula: Harder Problems and Fewer Answers

Artificial Intelligence will have more influence on the livelihoods of young people over the next several decades than any other factor. To contribute now and in the future, they will need extended challenges that encourage them to build agency while solving harder problems with fewer answers.