Brent Maddin on Reimagining the Teaching Profession

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast Nate McClennen is joined by Brent Maddin, Executive Director of Next Education Workforce at Arizona State University. Brent leads a team that is collaborating with P-12 practitioners and higher-ed faculty to help design the roles of current educators, expand who enters the education workforce, and rethink how we develop and credential these educators. 

Prior to coming to ASU, Brent was a co-founder and Provost at the Relay Graduate School of Education and also founded TeacherSquared—a national center dedicated to increasing collaboration among teacher preparation institutions.

On Teacher Recruitment

Can we stop pretending that a degree in elementary education is the signal? Instead, what if educators came with a set of true specializations […] you start hiring educators with experience in trauma-informed instruction and some knowledge of what it means to teach in a blended environment.

Brent Maddin

On Educator Agency

[educators] have to have agency, voice and the ability to personalize their path.

Brent Maddin


One person who shaped your mental model

  • Steve Sexton

Two key insights for edleaders (in summary) 

  • As we think about learner experience, the body and surroundings, we must remember that relationships matter.
  • As our understand of learning science continues to shift, we must reconsider learning goals and the purpose of learning/development.

One additional insight from Brent Maddin

  • The metaphors we use to understand ourselves shape our thinking. Brain as computer and brain as muscle are limited.

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