Our Work

We collaborate with and advocate for impact-oriented partners who are committed to accelerating the future of teaching, leading and learning. Our strategic solutions are tailored to best support our partners in achieving their goals and helping leaders know what to do next.

Our Reach

We partner with schools, districts, and networks, as well as learning and philanthropic organizations.


Organizations Supported


Schools We Visited


Resources Created

Our Core Capabilities

Continuous development, research, and practice have helped our team refine a set of core capabilities that we use to traverse the evolving learning landscape. We leverage these capabilities, in collaboration with our partners, through a combination of tailored advisory, advocacy and design solutions. While each capability can be a standalone project, we often intertwine various expertise and services to create a custom-tailored partnership that best serves the needs of our clients.

School Design & Coaching

Using tailored supports, insights and assessment, our team empowers leaders in learning. From classrooms and buildings, to district level teams, we specialize in K-12 school design, district and school network advising and innovative leadership models. This work includes workshops and design sessions, as well as innovative program design and implementation support particularly in areas of project-based learning, place-based learning, and competency-based learning.

Professional Learning

Design and facilitation of in person and virtual school and learning tours, speaking engagements, webinars, virtual and in-person training and professional development, workshops, and event management and logistics.

Communication & Marketing

Media channel development, strategic social media, storytelling and communication plan development and implementation as well as message testing and market research. Getting Smart also amplifies products and brands through sponsored blogs, infographics, white papers, podcasts and other multi-media marketing content. 

Strategic Design & Organizational Development

Project design, planning and management, network design and development, strategic guidance, technical assistance, product and brand development, go-to-market strategy and organizational development for impact oriented edtech companies and educational organizations.

Campaign & Initiative Development

Advocating for the work being done to support high-quality learning for all, Getting Smart supports and manages the design and implementation of thought leadership campaigns and initiatives for foundations, organizations and school networks. This includes audience development, message testing, content development, publication and dissemination.