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5 Research-Based Recommendations for Remote Learning: Lessons from LUSD

Consider what remote instruction might look like in a rural, high-poverty district that set personalized expectations for each student, monitored their growth and engagement, and not only encouraged ongoing feedback but also stressed the need for educators to maintain a safe and supportive learning community.

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Future of Learning

Building a Learner Variability Mindset

By: Tiffany Wycoff. LINC's Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer explains that to build a learner variability mindset, we must implement a new equation for teaching that includes strategically planning for variability beyond skill level.

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How to Balance Teacher Buy-In With the Need for Innovation

To deny children digital learning experiences is to deny them opportunities to acquire the very skills and competencies students needed for success beyond the classroom. So, how do school leaders balance buy-in and the need to make the digital transition?

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Using Popular Motivational Theories to Evaluate Digital Tools

By Dr. Rachel Schechter - Edtech providers are rapidly developing and launching programs. That is potentially great news, but not when that rapid development reflects quantity over quality. Keeping best practices in mind when deciding on digital tools puts both educators and students on surer footing.

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Competency-Based Education

Helpful Tools for Providing Effective Competency-Based Education

These tools represent a sampling of some of the best CBE-capable edtech in the areas of learning platforms/learning management systems, curriculum resources, assessment/reporting, and platforms that fall outside of these categories.

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