Competency-Based Education

Competency-Based Education: Definitions and Difference Makers

By: Janice Walton and Mary Ryerse. Across the country, there is a growing movement to transition away from seat-time and move towards a flexible structure that allows students to progress in their learning after they have demonstrated mastery. Learn more here.

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Aligning Dream Team Content with Assessment and Teacher PD

Eric Westendorf, CEO of LearnZillion, shares how, with the help of a teacher Dream Team, LearnZillion connects and aligns curriculum, assessment and professional development to support today's educators.

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Redefining Pre-Service Learning In The Virtual Age

Whether it’s modeling better virtual instruction, as well as increased emphasis on social-emotional learning, school leaders and professional learning facilitators are having to rethink how to prepare teachers for the school year.  

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Early Learning

Dialogue on a Content-Rich Elementary Experience

A blog I created sharing a taxonomy of views on personalized learning ranging from content-centric to student-centered resulted in this spirited email dialogue with education leaders about the role of content in developing language proficiency.

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The Digital Learning Mindset

By: Joey Lehrman. Joey reflects on helping to build a free, fully online distance learning program for adult education students and how to create a digital learning mindset.

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