Getting Smart has launched the Getting Through series to support educators, leaders and families on the path forward during such an uncertain time. This series will provide resources and inspiration as we face long term school closures, new learning environments, and address equity and access from a new lens. Whether you are just getting started with distance or online learning, or you’ve had plans in place and have the opportunity to share your work and guidance with others, there is a place for your voice and an opportunity to learn. Interested in contributing to this campaign? Email your stories and ideas to or tweet using #GettingThrough to participate!

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Professional Learning Network Pivots to Virtual

A professional learning school pivots to distance learning while maintaining their core values and partnerships.
reopening school

Preparing to Reopen: Six Principles That Put Equity at the Core

By: E. Tucker and L. Kruse. The authors address some of the challenges facing schools trying to make an equitable reopening plan, particularly keeping in mind students with disabilities.

Getting Through: Leading with Optimism Hope and Love

By: Kristi Dominguez, Ellen Dorr & Kelly Niccolls. Post Covid-19, increased focus ​on courageous leadership is more important than ever to envision what learning could become.

Getting Through: Multi-Mode Literacy

The instruction of literacy has been thrown into an immediate adaptation to remote teaching. This new, multi-faceted experience of reading, writing and comprehension is Multi-Mode Literacy.

Getting Through: Being An Equity-Focused Leader

By: Dedy Fauntleroy. Everything is rapidly changing—especially education. What are the implications for the equity-focused leader? Beyond the necessity to lead virtually in the moment, how do we move forward, how do we recover, and how should our leadership shift as a result?

Leading School Transformation: Teacher Leader Reflections of their Learning

By: Jackie Ives & Brian Sites. Using innovative teacher transformation practices, Jackie and Brian discuss how they are preparing students on becoming contributing citizens in our democracy.


Coronavirus: Keeping Our Children and Ourselves Safe
with Dr. Pamela Cantor

Resources For Remote Learning
from Emerson Collective

The Power Of Place
Place-Based Education

The Future Of Work, Leading and Learning

7 Tips for Parents and Caregivers:
From Turnaround For Children

ASU for You

High School Resources For Learning During COVID-19: 
From XQ

Tech for Learners:
Searchable Database

Place to Learn:
Top Learning Playlists from LRNG

Prioritizing Human Connection When Social Distancing Is the New Norm:
from The Learning Accelerator

Continuity of Learning Resources:
from Aurora Institute

Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Remote Education:
from CRE Hub

Supporting Students Away from School:
From Curriculum Associates

Distance Learning: A Gently Curated Collection of Resources for Teachers

Video Lessons To Teach Creativity and Kindness:
From Ringbeller

COVID-19 Resources for Field Leaders:
From Science of Learning and Development Alliance

The Most Powerful Personalized Learning Edtech Tools:
Curated by LEAP

Resources for Supporting Learners with Disabilities:
From Digital Promise

A Roadmap for Schools and Systems:
From CatalystEd and Leading Elephants

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