We seek to learn, support and stand alongside those bringing a stop to oppression. Right now we are listening and learning about ways to lead in these moments, how to be vulnerable with one another to the benefit of the collective whole and how to dismantle systemic injustices with the help of some essential voices curated below.

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Creating More Anti-Racist School Districts
Crawling Out of the Classroom

Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education
Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance
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Culturally Responsive Leadership
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Shane Safir

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31 Children’s Books Race, Racism & Resistance
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21-Day Racial Equity Challenge
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Jason Reynolds Talks About Racism And The Protests
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Anti-Racism Resources: A List
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Racism and inequity are products of design. They can be redesigned.

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Talking With Kids About Racism And Violence
From Colorín Colorado

The Anti-Racist Reading Instruction Book
By Lorena Germán

In Response to George Floyd’s Death
By Larry Ferlazzo

The BELE Framework
From The BELE Network


Getting Clearer: Stakeholders At The Heart of Education

By J. Pile and L. Gilchrist. Julia and Laura talk about the importance of stakeholders in education and how the term must be humanized.

Getting Clearer: Educator of Color

By: Jose Garcia. As part of a series from New Tech Network coaches, Jose explores what it might mean for us to show up for one another.

Getting Clearer: Musings of an Urban Educator

By: Dese Zuberi. In one part of a three-part series with New Tech Network coaches, Dese shares lessons learned as an educational coach and the role of schools in communities.

Getting Clearer: Dismantling Systemic Oppression in Public Education

By: Anthony Jackson. Anthony discusses what Toronto is doing to provide students with a culture of excellence and inclusion. Hear more about what TDSB is doing around innovations in learning.

Getting Clearer: Building Equity in Schools

By: Carlon Howard and Karla Vigil. We must all bear the responsibility of advocating for and implementing equitable policies and practices in our communities.

Getting Clearer: The Principal, Mayor of the School Community

By: Patrick Erwin. As a principal, I do the most important job in the city. I create the conditions for students and, by extension, their families, to be lifted out of poverty into a city that is a great place to live. Not a bad job. Not a bad life.