The Future of Tech and Work

The Future of Tech and Work is how human beings work and the tools they use and will use in the future. For those interested in big data, the internet of things (IOT), block chain, artificial intelligence (AI), IOT, computer science and coding.


Cause + Code: The New Impact Formula

Machine learning is yielding tools that get smarter the more data they interact with, helping social entrepreneurs learn more and quickly from the big data sets associated with today's social issues.


Intelligence Unleashed: How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Education

Pearson and the UCL Knowledge Lab, University College London, launched an important new paper entitled 'Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for AI in Education.' The authors call AIEd, “the engine behind much ‘smart’ EdTech,” as well as a powerful tool providing “deeper, and more fine-grained understandings of how learning actually happens.”

Personalized Learning

8 Ways Machine Learning Will Improve Education

Learning will remain highly relational for most of us, but those relationships will increasingly be informed by data. Students parents and advisors will make more decisions about learning pathways but those decisions will be nudged and guided by informed recommendations.


Machine Learning: The New Infrastructure for Everything

Enter the rise of machine learning--programming computers to learn from data. With a good machine learning algorithm more data means more learning. Machine learning draws from neuroscience, evolution, psychology, physics, and statistics to build better algorithms.