Personalized Learning

Why Great Teachers Matter to Low Income Students

"Consider the recent national math scores of fourth- and eighth-graders, which show startling differences among results for low-income African American students in different cities. In Boston, Charlotte, New York and Houston, these fourth-graders scored 20 to 30 points higher than students in the same socioeconomic group in Detroit, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and the District of Columbia. Boston fourth-graders outscored those in Detroit by 33 points. Ten points approximates one year’s worth of learning on these national tests, which means that by fourth grade, poor African American children in Detroit are already three grades behind their peers in Boston."


Webinar: The Promise & Potential of Personal Digital Learning

Register for Tom Vander Ark's upcoming webinar "The Promise and Potential of Personal Digital Learning," a discussion on how schools are incorporating innovative technology to boost achievement and prepare students to thrive in the idea economy of the future, Friday, November 4, 2011 at 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EST.


EdTech 10: Better Together

Getting together and being ultra productive feels like the theme for the week because there sure seems to be a lot happening among the movers and shakers in education.


Don't Discount the Online Student

A conversation with Robin Gonzalez, Manager of 100 Chicago Public School Virtual Schools about the role that online learning already plays in urban students' lives. "You can have this crazy idea one day and you can actually make it happen, and there are no barriers.”