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By: Margaret Roth
EdTechWomen SXSWedu Lightning Talk Series- At the Helm shows full details on the EdTechWomen Blog.
The experiences of women working in EdTech are stories of community, inclusivity, visibility and impact. They are stories that are transforming the industry as we know it.
This year at SXSWedu, EdTechWomen has the honor of showcasing the stories of twelve exemplary women who are making the EdTech Ecosystem grow, change, and accelerate its impact on learners everywhere.
Each speaker will give a five minute Lightning Talk to share their story. Speakers are listed below with the title of their Lightning Talk and a brief biography. The session will be moderated by Margaret Roth, Chief Operating Officer of An Estuary and EdTechWomen Co-Founder. Please join us Monday, March 3 at 3:30PM – 5:30PM in the Hilton Austin Downtown Salon E.

Heather Hiles :: What a Long Strange Trip It Has Been – My Unique Path to Pathbrite
Heather is the founder and CEO of Pathbrite, the world’s first Portfolio Learning Platform. Launched in 2012, Pathbrite’s portfolio platform is poised to reshape learning, teaching and assessment across the globe.

Erica Gruen :: Is That The Sound of Glass Shattering?

Erica is a former teacher and educational psychologist, working today on brand, content and business development strategies for the world’s largest media and entertainment companies and for the emerging start-ups that seek the same. She is a Technical Advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a mentor in Socratic Labs, and an advisor to and investor in leading ed tech ventures.

Alina Vandenberghe :: The Future of Technology for the Pinch and Swipe Generation

Alina Vandenberghe is the Head of Mobile at Pearson where she is working on the digital classroom of the future. Before joining Pearson Alina worked at Bloomberg & Thomson Reuters where she launched award winning digital products, some keynoted by Steve Jobs at Apple events.

Luz Rivas :: A Holistic Approach to Developing Women and Girls’ Interest and Experience with Technology

Luz is the Founder and Executive Director of DIY Girls. DIY Girls inspires girls and women to explore engineering and technology. For the last 10 years, she has worked in STEM education. She has developed outreach programs focused on increasing underrepresented minorities in STEM fields at Caltech and most recently was a director at Iridescent where she worked on training programs for engineers interested in teaching kids.

Gina Sipley :: Teachers Who Code: Igniting a New Era of Product Development

Gina Sipley has been recognized as a Teacher of the Future by the National Association of Independent Schools and an Emerging Leader by the National Council of Teachers of English Conference on English Leadership for her commitments to technology, social justice, and sustainability.

Amy Burvall :: #DaretoShare

A Humanities teacher for 20 years in several of Oahu’s private schools, Amy is a leader in educational technology professional development programs. She is currently teaching Theory of Knowledge at Le Jardin Academy International Baccalaureate World School.

Joan E. Hughes, Ph.D. :: How Mentorship Puts the ‘Ed’ in EdTech

Dr. Hughes is an Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at the University of Texas, Austin. Dr. Hughes’ research and teaching examines technology integration in teacher preparation programs and K-12 schools.She studies how teachers and K-12 students use technologies in-and-outside the classroom for learning and how school leaders support classroom technology integration.

Robin Stevens Payes :: Transmedia Storytelling: Learning through Narrative Engagement

Robin Stevens Payes, author and creator of the young adult time travel adventure Out of Time, writes often about health, research, science, and psychology for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) award-winning Sara Bellum Blog and other NIDA and NIH publications on the neuroscience of addiction. She was founding editor-in-chief of LearnNow, the Web portal introducing parents and educators to the science of learning. She most recently wrote about empathy for the neuroscience research Dana Foundation Web site and for the Dana blog about teen learning about drug abuse via social media based on a case study about the Sara Bellum Blog published in February, 2013, in The Journal of Social Marketing.

Aoife Dempsey :: Customer Centric Product Development – An Approach for Building Successful Product in a Changing Market

Aoife has spent her whole career at the intersection of technology and education, having worked in Professional, Higher Education and K-12. As the Chief Operating Officer of Triumph Learning, she is responsible for determining the digital strategy and developing new product.

Jodi Lis :: To Reinvent Yourself, You Have to Trust Yourself

Jodi works in the international development sector integrating, supporting and developing ways technology can transform and enhance in teaching and learning in places that are not always connected, don’t have electricity 24/7 and are at varying stages of accessing technology.  She is currently ICT for Development (ICT4D) Advisor at Jhpiego.  She has provided technical leadership to educational technology interventions in Africa including Kenya, Liberia and Zambia.

Jennifer Argüello :: Let the Flappy Bird Actually Fly

Jennifer is a Senior Special Projects Advisor who devises strategies with the Kapor Center to diversify Silicon Valley. She is a speaker and thought leader on women in technology and Latino(a)s in STEM with a mind for the geeky and a heart for social change.
Beth Rabbitt :: Mobilizing Next Gen Support for Next Gen Teachers
Beth Rabbitt is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator. Beth has a decade of experience in education entrepreneurship, human capital, consulting, and finance. Her work at TLA focuses on human capital and helping districts build staff effectiveness to ensure blended learning transformation efforts are successful.
Margaret Roth is the Chief Operating Officer of An Estuary, a Baltimore based company that leverages mobile tech, data, and social collaboration in designing sustainable technologies built to support and enrich PD in the education field.

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