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Preparing for the Future of Education

As a Spanish and STEAM teacher, for years I did not bring emerging technologies like AI or ​AR/VR into my Spanish classroom because I thought "I’m just a Spanish teacher.” However, we all need to help our students understand these technologies and their potential impact on our personal lives and education today and for the future

Future of Learning

Making Time to Reflect

The practice of reflection is essential for us as educators​ and it is important that we help our students develop their own reflective practices. Rachelle Dené Poth shares more in her latest post.

New Pathways

Fostering Personalized Learning Journeys

If we truly want to personalize learning and meet the interests and specific needs of every learner, we must recognize we have access to so many more resources that enable us to connect our students with opportunities that extend beyond our physical classroom space.

New Pathways

Belonging in STEM

Why real world learning matters With the world of work changing so much, it is essential that we provide a variety of learning opportunities for all students. When it comes to the jobs which are going to be needed in the future,​ there is a prediction of 58…