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Rachelle Dene Poth is a Foreign Language and STEAM Teacher at Riverview Junior/Senior High in Oakmont, PA. Follow her on Twitter at @rdene915

Fostering High Quality Student Experiences through Projects

Project-based learning means going beyond assigning projects and instead, promoting student agency by having students drive their learning.

What if Students Designed Their Education?

There are many conversations today about 21st-century skills and what skills students may need for the future and how to drive their own learning. A look at how we could change the look of schools and learning as we all prepare for the uncertainty of the future of work and learning.

The Importance of Being a Mentor and Having a Mentor

Mentoring is a very important part of what we “engage” in as educators. Whether we serve as a mentor to a colleague or a student, or perhaps we seek out a mentor to help us with challenges or simply to have a system of support in our personal and professional lives, it has a tremendous impact. Whether or not we even realize it at times, we are all serving as a mentor to someone.

Teaching Students about AI

Artificial intelligence is used so much in our everyday lives, we need to make sure that our students understand its impact and potential for the future of work and learning.

Looking Back: Versatile Tools That Made a Difference

As part of her yearly practice, and ongoing reflection, Rachelle Dene Poth likes to look back over the year and the changes that she have made in her class, the tools used and what helped her to provide a more diverse and engaging learning experience for my students.

Going Global with Virtual Field Trips

Why use AR and VR? These tools enable educators to provide powerful opportunities for students to do more than learn through videos or photos.

Collaboration: Bringing Students Together to Promote Learning

Collaborative learning is not something new, teachers have been using this method in classrooms for many years. However, over the years, the types of activities and different tools available have changed the outlook. This post offers strategies to help.