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12 Digital Tools to Try in the Classroom

Rachelle Dene Poth had her own list of the tools that she found made a big difference in her classroom but decided to ask her students for their input. Here are the top 12 tools she and her students thought made the biggest difference.

Personalized Learning

Practical Ways to bring SEL into the Classroom

Toward the end of the past school year, I noticed some changes in student behavior. There was a decrease in student engagement, and especially while I responded to the question of a student seated close to me, students around the room became distracted or stopped listening.

Project-Based Learning

Engaging Students: Movement Through Games and Music

With a greater focus on flexible learning environments, and educators looking to promote student choice and voice, the perception of “what classrooms look like” has changed, and continues to evolve into a more active learning space--a place where students are empowered.