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Personalized Learning

8 Key Elements to Supporting Online Educators

Managing an online classroom can be a departure from traditional teaching methods and teacher preparation needs to be customized to meet the specific needs of online educators. Here are 8 ways to effectively support online educators.


15 Content Recycling Strategies to Extend Your Impact

Whether you’re a teacher blogger, a district or university CIO, a or an EdTech executive you should be creating and sharing great content to build your brand and extend your impact. Here are five content creation gems and 15 content recycling tips to extend your impact.


How to Give Students a Chance at the Game

As Putnam describes in his new book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, it is key that we move towards a collective responsibility, and a “return to being a nation where there are only ‘our kids,’ not just ‘my kids.’”

Personalized Learning

Understanding Middle Schoolers: 4 Tips for Success

Whatever the contradiction is in your household, it is important to remember that the journey that these soon to be adults are traveling is a difficult yet AWESOME one. They are in a constant state of learning and discovery and as parents and guardians, we GET to be along for the ride!


100+ Education Twitter Accounts to Follow

We love Twitter. Whether you are new to the Twitter-sphere or you are looking to build an EdTech savvy feed, here is a breakdown of Team Getting Smart’s Twitter accounts + over 100 more we are currently enjoying in our feeds.