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Personalized Learning

Active Learning for the 21st Century

The formula for driving active learning comes from the synergy of blending three key elements; product design, instructional design and school design. If you are serious about active learning in a blended context than you need to think about it in these three ways.

Personalized Learning

Radical Personalization + Knowledge in Action at d.Tech High

Design Tech High School, or “d.Tech” is using design principles to personalize the learning experience for high school students in San Mateo, California. The school, the only charter school in San Mateo Union High School District, is designed to help young people prepare for dramatic, fast, unpredictable change .

Personalized Learning

Math Cartoons in the Classroom: 5 Educators on How and Why

Forgetting to laugh or not allowing your students to laugh (even when it is at your expense) adds a lot of unnecessary pressure. So do it, make a cheesy joke, wear a costume, share a cartoon —surprise your students by making your math classroom one that is fun and inviting rather than intimidating and dreary.

Personalized Learning

8 Key Elements to Supporting Online Educators

Managing an online classroom can be a departure from traditional teaching methods and teacher preparation needs to be customized to meet the specific needs of online educators. Here are 8 ways to effectively support online educators.


15 Content Recycling Strategies to Extend Your Impact

Whether you’re a teacher blogger, a district or university CIO, a or an EdTech executive you should be creating and sharing great content to build your brand and extend your impact. Here are five content creation gems and 15 content recycling tips to extend your impact.


How to Give Students a Chance at the Game

As Putnam describes in his new book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, it is key that we move towards a collective responsibility, and a “return to being a nation where there are only ‘our kids,’ not just ‘my kids.’”