Family Checklist | Is Your Child’s School Student Centered?

It’s back to school time and as families across the country prepare to kick off the year right, we hope that the school supply list isn’t the only thing parents are checking off. Are you looking for a student-centered experience for you kids? Then this is for you.
Student-centered learning engages students in their own success, and incorporates their interests and skills into the learning process. Rather than having educators hand down information, students can interact with teachers and their peers in real-time – preparing them to be successful in college and career. Beyond college and career readiness, there is a real desire to prepare our young people to be life-long learners. This means not just thinking about whether they can enter the 21st century economy, but also if they love to learn, have empathy for others and are actively engaged citizens.

Download the Student-Centered Check List

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Download the Student-Centered Check List

The Smart Parents book is a resource to guide parents in creating, choosing and advocating for powerful, student-centered learning experiences for their children. It is designed to facilitate conversation about important educational decisions parents face today. With advice on everything from picking preschools to accessing educational apps, this is the resource for parents so they can be informed, involved, inspirational and intentional.
In honor of the one year anniversary of the project, we are giving away digital copies of the book. To receive your complimentary copy of the Smart Parents ebook fill out this quick form.

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