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Book Review: Education Transformation

K12 CEO Ron Packard recently released his newest book Education Transformation: How K-12 Online Learning is Bringing the Greatest Change to Education in 100 Years in hopes to discuss why technology is critical for the future of education.


The Essence of Startup Communities

Brad Feld discussed a few points from his new book Startup Communities at the New Jersey Tech Meetup last month and what it takes to create a community around the booming startup industry.


Book Review: Hacking Your Education

Dale Stephens of took an untraditional route to end up where he is now. An entrepreneur, a Thiel Fellow, respected author, speaker, mentor, and much more. Who would have thought that he dropped out of school when he was twelve?

Personalized Learning

School Cliff: Learning That Doesn’t Suck

A college prof called yesterday. He said, “College sucks.” He’s taking a couple courses as a humbling market research project. He found dated content and tools and disengaged students. I said, “If you want to see disengagement, you should try a high school algebra course.”


A Global Education Challenge

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has created a Global Education Challenge that seeks to find creative ideas for tools to improve educational outcomes for students around the world – and they’re giving away $250,000 in cash and prizes for the best ideas.