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Knod: Eliminating the Education to Employment Gap

By: Katie Vander Ark. Knod is a Salt Lake City based talent development company working to eliminate the education-to-employment gap by producing job candidates who are ready for the workforce by focusing first on employer needs, not student needs.


Las Vegas: Downtown Project, Blended Progress

“Education is the bedrock on which a truly great city is built,” according to Tony Hsieh. His Downtown Projects is reshaping the old city center north of the Vegas Strip. Clark Co has some great magnets and blending learning plans.

Personalized Learning

125 Top Blogs on Blended Learning

The 2012-13 was a big inflection point in blended learning--and we're seeing and hearing about almost twice as new models this year. We compiled a list of 125 blogs in what we hope are useful categories. Enjoy!

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Roadtrip Nation Releases Deeper Learning Report

Roadtrip Nation launched into the education field in 2008 as a school-based program for students to “define their own roads in life”. To date, over 100,000 students from over 1,800 schools across 22 states have participated in the Roadtrip Nation Experience.

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STEM Summit: Learning in the Digital Age

Scientific American and Macmillan Science and Education hosted the STEM Summit: Learning in the Digital Age to discuss the ever changing landscape in education and how to better support STEM and science programs in schools.