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Future of Work

Framing a Classroom Around the Future of Work

One teacher decided to frame their entire school year around the future of work, analyzing the teaching and learning in their classroom in the context of takeaways from future of work reports, and chose strategies outlined in this post to educate and prepare students for the workplace ahead.

Future of Work

How Will Work Change in the Coming Decades? A Pittsburgh Case Study

According to the report “Still Hiring Humans: The Future of Work in Pittsburgh and Beyond,” workers of the future might change jobs as many as 15 times in their lifetimes. What should schools, employers, and communities focus on to prepare students for the future of work? Analyzing the report through the lens of an educator, Jamie Back summarizes her top takeaways.

Personalized Learning

Making the Most of Student Reflections

By: Jamie Back. Jamie shares how she uses several online tools to gather and respond to student reflections about such things as their mindset, study strategies, and understanding of topics.

Difference Making

Cultivating An Innovation Mindset in the Classroom

According to GenDIY, people who have innovation mindsets possess qualities such as “perseverance, initiative, collaboration, tenacity, and curiosity.” How can classroom teachers give students opportunities to develop an innovation mindset and build these important skills? Jamie Back offers a few ideas.