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Future of Learning

Guided Pathways and Meta-Majors

David Ross discusses how guided pathways and meta-majors programs are being adopted in community colleges and four-year universities and showing broad-scale benefits of such support.

Future of Learning

Platform Skills Tighten Focus on Effective Communication

David shares his excitement around the development of platform skills in the education sector and outlines five key platform skills to enhance PBL frameworks and improve a students’ ability to effectively communicate for a purpose and to a target audience.

Future of Learning

The Pursuit of Happiness is a Noble Goal for 21st Century Education

Student happiness is at the core of each student’s holistic development. Parents, teachers, community and learners are all active members of creating the solution. Join David Ross as he unpacks the topic from multiple angles that highlight powerful resources to get you started.

Future of Work

New Skills Framework Shaped by Vast Data Set on Job Requirements

The New Foundational Skills of the Digital Economy recently released a report with data analysis provided by Burning Glass Technologies. The data set is driven from keywords in more than 150 million unique U.S. job postings, dating back to 2007. Recognizing these skills as essential learning outcomes for the 21st century, it frames a path to success for students and graduates as they transition to the future of work.