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Assessing With ThingLink

Being able to see students’ work in one place is a big plus for ThingLink, especially for younger students. They don’t have to send you a link or share their work with you. You can log in and see everyone’s work. You can also leave comments for them.


Edmodo App Review: NoRedInk

NoRedInk is a website but is also available as an Edmodo app. I hadn’t used Edmodo apps so I was eager to try it out when my 7th grade English Language Arts teacher asked me about it.


Tech Tool Review: is a website and a Chrome app. It links to your Google Drive. When you associate your Google account with, it creates a new folder in your Drive called

Personalized Learning

Surviving the Holidays, New Teacher Advice

Ask for help - you have parents that want to help in your classroom, many are just waiting to be asked. If you are feeling overwhelmed, send out an email or Remind 101 text asking for help. Be specific about what you need and when you need it. Parents will come through.


Be the Keurig

You have the same power in your classroom and in your building. You can change the way a student feels about school. We all have a teacher we will remember forever. Is he or she the reason you are an educator?