The Time for Action is Now: Get Ready For Careers of the Future

By Corey Mohn and Gregg Brown

Do you ever just want to put all the talk aside, roll up your sleeves, and blow stuff up? If so, keep reading.

Great progress has been made in raising the awareness that learning connected to the community and aspects of work and life is powerful and possible. New initiatives, programs and schools are lifting up by the day, providing niche opportunities for handfuls of students. Even when you work in the “industry” of education, on a weekly basis you find new efforts of which you were previously unaware.

When is awareness and “lighthouse” programming not enough? How do we assist those that want to provide powerful, community-connected experiences to all of their students?

Today we launch the “Innovating Education for Careers of the Future” playbook courtesy of the CAPS Network. This resource gives all of us a chance to move from awareness to action. It shouldn’t matter if you are a single teacher in a classroom or a district superintendent with the authority to redesign a district’s learning approach – anyone inspired to make impact should have support to make a move.

This playbook will allow you as an educator to:

  • Design learning that builds professional skills in your students.
  • Prepare your students for a wayfinding journey by exposing them to the real world.
  • Position your students to put professional skills to work, maximizing their positive impact on the world.

The CAPS “Innovating Education for Careers of the Future” playbook is a “freemium” offering from CAPS to support teachers in the transition and implementation of profession-based learning from any classroom, a powerful resource to encourage experimentation and scale around meaningful, authentic student learning.

This playbook is not a proprietary resource to be held for the select few that can afford it.

The movement around profession-based learning is for all, not limited to any brand or school.

This is about changing the world. All of us. Better together.

Make your next step, which might just be registering for the NExT/CAPS Summer Bash on July 20th. At this event you can “experience narratives of resilience, solution-finding, and inspiration; catalyzing empowered leaders focused on profession-based learning as a means of addressing opportunity gaps in K-12 schools.”

Corey Mohn is Executive Director of CAPS Network
Gregg Brown is CAPS Network Coordinator.

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