Agilix’s Publish Anywhere Delivers Learning Content to Any LMS

It’s a familiar story. A school or district wants to use digital learning content and then they are constrained by the Learning Management System (LMS). This can lead to headaches for both the user, and the content provider, as they work to transfer content between LMSes. Imagine doing this for every piece of digital learning content you’re using. Many don’t have to imagine it because it’s their reality. Until now.

Publish Once, Reach Many

Agilix’s new product Publish Anywhere, powered by Buzz, will enable content providers to “deliver best-in-class courses and learning content to customers, regardless of what LMS they use.” Agilix Co-Founder and CEO, Curt Allen said “a lot of customers are constrained to one LMS and as a result, providers have to manage multiple instances of their content in multiple platforms. With Publish Anywhere, content providers can author once and truly have it published anywhere. They will no longer have to worry about maintaining multiple versions and can focus on their content, not on LMS management.”

So what exactly happens in Publish Anywhere? “Content, learning activities, and assessments are delivered via LTI and Thin Common Cartridge to any compatible system. The magic is in the Publish Anywhere player.” The player allows the “learning experience to be embedded into the customer’s system, without the need for content exports, user and enrollment provisioning, or any of the other headaches associated with trying to serve multiple LMS systems.”

A Deeper Look

Publish Anywhere provides a robust solution for content providers and their customers. The seamless behind the scenes work that takes place allows for content to be pushed to customers with fidelity, and reporting and data functionalities are built in.

Agilix has highlighted four capabilities that really set Publish Anywhere apart, and make it a truly relevant option for content providers.

Initial feedback from Publish Anywhere users has been very positive. ResponsiveEd noted, “we tried to create what we have on Buzz in another LMS without success. Being able to create the best courses with Buzz and play them on any LMS with full fidelity is going to really extend our reach in the marketplace. Publish Anywhere is great for learners and great for us!” Similar sentiments were shared by Mawi Learning, “as a new publisher, we immediately recognized that content/LMS compatibility was going to be a difficult problem to solve. Having a partner like Agilix, who enables us to deliver our content anywhere, is exactly what we need. Sharing the data between our solution and the host LMS gives the insight that we wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Getting digital learning content into the hands of teachers and students shouldn’t be a hassle, and Publish Anywhere exists to make the process simplified and seamless. To learn more, be sure to check out the Publish Anywhere webpage.

If you’ve used Publish Anywhere we would love to hear your feedback. What other features would you like to see in a product like this? Share in the comments below.

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