In the old days (like three years ago), you had to tell computers what to do. They are increasingly figuring it out on their own. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI), code that learns, is reshaping life and work. We’re a couple of years into a new era driven by exponential technology. Everyone is experiencing high rates of change—and things will continue to speed up for our kids. That makes three new literacies more important than ever:

  • Design thinking skills: an iterative problem-solving approach;
  • Entrepreneurship skills: taking initiative and learning to deliver value; and
  • Social skills: collaborating on diverse teams.

For those new to design thinking, it’s a mindset and methodology for dealing with complexity. We’ve assembled articles, podcasts and case studies to help you and your community get started. Design thinking is similar to computational thinking (which has roots in Computer Science) so we added a few resources on that as well.






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