Getting Started with Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning Topics and Resources

1.Personalized learning models

2.Writing: How to get kids to write more and better

3. Math

4. Adding projects and extended challenges

5. High school redesign

6. Active learning spaces

7. Data Driven Instruction

8. Measurement

9. Personalized Professional Development:

  • Four steps needed to Personalize PD with key strategies to implement:

10. Guidance

11.Adaptive Learning: moving beyond math and reading

  • How ASU is using adaptive learning to flip general education classrooms and accelerate student progress.
  • Some CTE programs are using Fishtree and RealizeIt (adaptive platforms)

Leadership: where and how to start

1. How working in networks can help

2. Leadership for personalized learning

3. How AI will help

Districts with interesting/important approaches to personalized learning

Networks with interesting/important approaches to personalized learning

PL researchers of note

  • Jal Mehta, Harvard, see recent NYTimes post: 
  • Todd Rose, Harvard (see a preview of his new book Dark Horse)
  • Justin Reich, MIT
  • Allison Zmuda, Personalized learning thought-leader
  • John Pane and Bob Murphy, RAND
  • Barbara Means, Digital Promise

On social justice and race equity

Nonprofit and foundation leaders

For more, see:

Thanks to The Learning Accelerator for their contributions

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