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Dr. Margy Jones-Carey is an Assistant Professor and Program Director for the Educational Leadership Program at St. Bonaventure University. Follow her on Twitter: @DrMargy

A Pedagogy of Possibilities: Social Justice Delivered Through Literature and Writing

Developing a framework for a socially just school through literature and writing goes beyond the classroom to lessen apathy, enhance relationships and solidify student ownership.

2030 and Beyond…Will We Really Be Able to Still Compete?

The term cultural competence has been used for decades to try and get business and education to think differently about the changing world. Yet, the term cultural competence is often limited to understanding another person’s culture but not changing anything about our own practices as a result of this understanding.  In response to this concern, several researchers began to use the term global competence instead.

Metacognition and Mindfulness Meet the Power of Not Yet!

Sometimes teachers are faced with the challenge of students who just “give up” at the first sign of an academic challenge. Learn how helping them develop metacognition will instill academic resilience and allow for learning to be maximized.

Restorative Practices Just Might Be the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

Research demonstrates that restorative practices can assist students with changing their behavior both in school and beyond. Learn more here.

Teaching Students To Ask Questions For 21st Century Success

As educators, we must teach students skills to solve problems we’ve never seen before and won’t see for years. Teaching students to ask questions enables them to gain many of the skills they'll need for success in the 21st Century.

Personalizing Professional Development For Educators

It is hard to change a paradigm, but if we never start we won’t ever make it happen. Here are some first steps we can take in the journey to personalizing professional development for teachers.
building relationships

7 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Students

At my school, we believed that each of us had to try and make a connection with students and, at some point, someone's try would be the one that worked. Here are seven positive acts we'd repeat until a connection was made.