EdTech 10: International Education Week

November 14-18 is International Education Week, celebrating the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.
We talk often on the blog about the importance of global education for the future success of today’s learners in college and career. For our children to participate effectively and become successful in this changing world, they must first understand it and know how to communicate with respect and effectiveness across cultures.
So in honor of #iew2016, here are 10 stories showing ways that education leaders are helping ensure today’s students are prepared for success in a rapidly changing world.

It’s a Project-Based World

1. PBL Teacher Prep
This week we launched Preparing Teachers for a Project-Based World — the 2nd in our 3-part publication series in our “It’s A Project Based World” campaign.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the first publication in this three-part series, Preparing Students for a Project-Based World, as well as its accompanying quick start guide for students to get started with projects today.

Digital Developments

2. SparkHouse Learners

3. #XCurricular Lesson Plans

Planting SEADs

4. Kindness Starts With One

Teaching our children social and emotional learning (SEL) skills is so important, especially as our world continues to expand in novelty and complexity. So check out these 3 Reasons To Expect the Unexpected…and What To Do About It. (FYI, the new Aspen Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development is promoting #SEAD.)
5. EdGlobal Professional Learning Community

Dollars & Deals

6. CZI Grants

7. US DOE Investing in Innovation Competition

Smart Cities

8. Cool City or Smart City?

We spent a day in Kentucky last week with leaders from 15 NKCES districts studying Smart Cities that Work for Everyone. Speaking of data, check out our recent Huffington Post article around the importance of Making A Difference with Data.

Cool Schools and Tools

9. Round 1: Summit PL Program 

Apply today to join the most innovative secondary schools on the planet and check out the 10 reasons we think Summit Public Schools is cool.

Research & Reports

10. IMS Global Report Winners

For more, see:

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