EdTech 10: From Ideas to Implementation

When it comes to teaching and learning, there’s definitely no shortage of ideas regarding the various ways to improve and to innovate. We’re noticing a big shift in the field from “idea mode” to “implementation mode.” This is where the hard work happens, and we’re motivated and inspired by the number of teachers and leaders who are rolling up their sleeves to shift from developing a vision to making it a reality. Our new series with Rosetta Stone Education is just one example of this. Check out this week’s top ten news for more.

Cool Schools & Tools

1. New Cohort for Innovation 

2. Badging + Internships + STEM = Cool School

3. Relationships are Key

For more on the XQ Super School winners, check out the XQ Expert Series Podcast and reflections on the winners from Getting Smart’s Mary Ryerse who served as a judge.

Digital Developments

4. Most Likely to Succeed PD

Dollars & Deals

5. Kids, Gaming and Coding 

Ask About AI

6. Classroom Bots

For more on AI, check out the blogs in our new #AskAboutAI series that’s designed to encourage parents, teachers and leaders to talk to young people about the emerging automation economy, and the ethical and economic implications of AI.

Smart Planet

7. Middle Eastern Learning Gets Adaptive

Higher, Deeper, Further, Faster Learning

8. Survey Says

For more on the potential of digital badges and microcredentials, see: Moving PD from Seat-Time to Demonstrated Competency Using Micro-credentials from Getting Smart and BloomBoard.

Policy Pieces

9. CBE in NE

10. CBE: Lessons from CO & IL

For more on states approaches to competency-based education, see the latest publication from Getting Smart and ExcelinEd: Policy, Pilots and the Path to Competency-Based Education: A Tale of Three States.

Movers & Shakers

Bonus: We are excited that our colleagues at Buck Institute for Education have named Dr. Brandon Wiley as Chief Program Officer. Brandon will be heading up initiatives to offer multiple entry points for teachers and leaders to learn about project-based learning (PBL), including flexible in person, digital and online options for professional development. For more, see BIE’s blog with an interview featuring Brandon and congratulate him @BWileyOne.

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