A Silent Wish for Teacher Appreciation Week

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By Amy Lin
This week, parents and students nationwide will show their gratitude to teachers with a heart-felt note, a gift card, chocolates or a simple “thank you.” But if they could have anything they wanted this week, what would teachers request?
This year, we polled several teachers on what they really would like to receive as a token of appreciation, but would never actually ask for. As it turns out, the most popular wishes are ones that would allow them be better teachers. Teachers are, after all, a selfless bunch.
As an educator, what do you silently wish for? Big or small, it doesn’t matter–all week, we invite you to leave your comments on this blog or on twitter using the hashtag #TrueTeacherAppreciation.

“The freedom to redesign the classroom in a way that better facilitates modern learning. For example, my ideal classroom wouldn’t be much of a room at all. It would be a space that had indoor and outdoor areas. Seating on floors, standing room around high top tables, moveable screens and white boards, charging stations, a sound booth, a green screen area. Our “period” together would be more like a morning instead of 55 short minutes, since that’s often only enough time to skim the surface.”

~ Kerry Gallagher: Digital Learning Specialist and TES Teacher Advisory Board member @KerryHawk02

“That state testing wasn’t scheduled during teacher appreciation week!”

~ Anonymous teacher in Tennessee

“WiFi capability for myself & all my students, not just at school, but wherever we are. This allows me to provide meaningful feedback in a timely manner while also giving students the chance to connect, collaborate and create on their own schedule. This access breaks down a variety of social and academic barriers many don’t even realize exist.”

~ Daisy Dyer Duerr: Educator, Speaker, and TES Teacher Advisory Board member @DaisyDyerDuerr

“That fellow educators had the resources and support they need so they can meet their students where they are and move them as far as possible in their time together. More time to plan deliberately and intentionally so their instruction can be impactful, consistent and effective is a ‘silent wish’ that many educators at all levels have.”

~ Tammy Jones: Educator, Consultant, and TES Teacher Advisory Board member @TLJCG

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Amy Lin is the CEO and co-founder of interactive teaching tool, Blendspace. Follow her on Twitter:@heyamylin.

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Tammy L Jones

Teachers have to have a passion for their students, their content, and feel as though it is their calling...There are so many challenges that today's educators have of which most non-educators would be aware. Kudos to educators everywhere and thanks for all the lives you touch... To Teachers with Love ... http://tljconsultinggroup.com/to-teachers-with-love/

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