There’s lots of talk about the tools and strategies essential to next-gen learning environments. However, few stop to think and ask what next-gen classrooms and schools actually will actually look like–and if classroom furniture really can improve student engagement.

One leader who is asking these types of questions is Victoria Bergsagel, President of Architects of Achievement. She leads Architects of Achievement in building bridges between educational practice and architecture, especially when it comes to fulfilling the learning needs of students.

As schools and districts navigate implementation decisions for blended learning, class and school design is one topic that must be addressed. Especially as educators ask questions about flipping their classrooms, and others developing their own unique models. One school in Chicago has even transformed a lumberyard to a blended learning school.

Listen to the interview with Victoria, as she joins Tom to talk next-gen classroom and school design.

Watch Victoria talk about an impact opportunity she is excited about.


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