125 Top Blogs on Blended Learning

Last year we published a list of 60+ blended learning articles. With the extensive use of blended learning in classrooms and lots of shared success stories, we doubled that total.  Following are 125 blogs by category.  Point us to stories we missed.

The Opportunity

1. Blended Learning Can Improve Working Conditions, Teaching & Learning

2.Policy Implications of Online & Blended Learning

3.Q & A: The Education World Is Flat

4.Blended Learning Q & A: Guernica

5.Personal Digital Learning is Changing the World

6.10 Big Blended Learning Questions

7.Key Definitions for Blended Learning

8.How Digital Learning is Boosting Achievement

9.Innosight Institute Classifies K-12 Blended Learning in New Report

10. The Shift to Personal Digital Learning-Palm Springs Edition

11. Leading the Shift to Personal Digital Learning-Chandler Addition

12. The 3 Screen Day: Equity & Opportunity with BYOD

13. How EdTech Will Benefit Low Income Students

14. How Will the Shift to Digital Learning Happen?

15. How Will Personalized Learning Really Work?

Blended Road trip

16. What’s All The Buzz About Detroit?

17. Innovation & Execution: A Colorado Springs Case Study

18. Students are Dreaming Big at Cleveland Elementary (Santa Barbara)

19. Riverside Unified School District Gooru Pilot Project

Blended Policy

20. Creating Sound Policy for Digital Learning

21. The NEA Spells Out Support for Blended Learning

22. Cracking the Code: Synchronizing Policy and Practice for Performance-Based Learning

23. What Sort of Research Should We Be Doing on Blended Learning

24. Time to Modernize Education, Some States Leading the Way

Innovative Secondary Blends

25. How to Create a Blended High School

26. Next-Gen Models Attack Problems, Leverage Opportunities

27. Next Gen Learning Models Blend Tech & Experiences

28. Next-Gen Models Break New Ground, Promote System Redesign

29. 10 Signs From NGLC Winners

30. Summit Denali: Engaging Student-Centered High School Model

31. Pondering Urban High School Improvement

32. Carpe Diem: the best of school leadership and management

33. Hilary’s Graduation Success Story (AdvancePath)

34. Innovations High: Tour the Future of Education (Salt Lake)

35. Smart List: 10 Innovative High Schools, 10 Deeper Learning Networks

36. When Glee Meets FIRST for Coffee and Leaves With an AA

37. 10 Reasons Every District Should Open a Flex School

38. Maker High: Why Every School Should Be a Maker Faire

39. Flex Schools Personalize, Enhance and Accelerate Learning

40. Blended Learning That Is Truly Blended

41. 4 High Schools That Use Projects to Promote Deeper Learning

42. Big Picture: Student-Centered & Competency-Based Learning

43. Career Path High: Career & College Ready Flex

44. DIY High

Elementary Blends

45. What Will Elementary Look Like?

46. What Blended Learning Looks Like in Kindergarten

47. Redefining Success in K-8 Education

48. Students are Dreaming Big at Cleveland Elementary

49. Blended Learning Implementation for Elementary Schools (webinar)

50. Blended Learning Implementation for Elementary (webinar)

Rocketship Education

51. Rocky Mount NC: Where Rocketship Meets Carpe Diem

52. Rocketship’s Preston Smith on Investing in the Art of Teaching

53. What’s Keeping Me Up At Night, Preston Smith, Rocketship

54. An Inside View of Blended Integration at Rocketship Education

55. Rocketship to Open 8 Blended Learning Schools in Nashville

56. Rocketship Education Expands Successful ST Math

Tools & Platforms

57. From LMS to Learning Ecosystems

58. DreamBox Learning: Intelligently Adaptive, Engaging & Motivating Math

59. 35 Sources for Curated Educational Videos

60. Educarious: Engaging Minds & Changing Lives

61. Time for More Simulations in Class & On Tests

62. Edmodo: Instant Blend, Quick Flip, Easy BYOD

63. Charlottesville Choose Windows Tablets

64. Why Three Districts Choose Chromebooks Over Tablets

65. DJ Your Classroom: The Digital Playlist

66. 10 Teacher-Tested Tools for Flipping Your Classroom

67. Why Aren’t There Any Next Gen Learning Platforms?


68. Digital Learning Now! Releases Blended Learning Implementation Guide

69.Leading for Deeper Learning: 10 Proven Strategies

70. 10 Things School Leaders Should Do to Boost Blended Learning

71. 10 Reasons the Shift May Happen Faster Than You Think

72. 10 Things I’d Do Right Now As a Superintendent

73. What’s Your Main Purpose for Blended Learning?

74. Blended Learning: New Solution to an Old Problem

75. Study Warns That Bricks May Hinder Learning

76. School Coach David Ginsburg on the Common Core & Teacher Support

77. Sloan Blended Classroom Conference

78. 1:1 in Peru Suggests Instruction is Important

79. Building a Thoughtful Blend

80. Corporate Blends Face Challenges Similar to K-12

81. Tupac and Einstein: Now That’s Blended Learning

82. Digital Learning Conversation With Sal Khan

83. Do the Classroom Flip: Humanizing School Through Technology

84  On Merit Badges

85. No, You’re Not Doing Blended Learning

86. Using OpenCourseware at New Milford HS to Create Deeper Learning

Staffing & Staff Development

87. DLN Paper Shows How Blended Learning Can Improve Teaching Profession

88. Distributed Workforce: Better Conditions, Costs, & Outcomes

89. Teaching Opportunity: Excellence, Leaderships & Student Impact

90. Who Will Work in Schools of the Future?

91. 6 Ways Digital Learning is Changing Teaching

92. 10 Reasons Teachers Love Blended Learning

93. How Frames, Plans, Platforms & PD Support Great Teaching

94. Cracking the Talent Code

PBL & Competency-Based Blends

95. Khan’s Big Contribution Will Be Competency-Based Learning

96. Project-Based Blends

97. Creating Cohorts in a Blended World

98. Best Practices in Alternative & Competency-Based Learning

99. Deeper Competency-Based Learning

100. Considering Competency-Based Education

101. 10 Elements of Competency-Based Learning

102. Changing to a Competency Based Grading System

103. Competency-Based Learning and FLVS

104. JFF Reports on Competency-Based & Blended Learning

105. Answers For & Lessons From Critics of Competency-Based Learning

106. Deeper Project Based Learning


107. Change the Space, Change the Program, Expect High Outcomes

108. Blended Learning Demands Big Open Spaces

109. Optimizing Informal Learning Spaces: Ten Tips for Universities

Blended ELA & Humanities

110. How Formative Assessment Supports Writing to Learn

111. Teaching Reading in the Digital Age

112. Big History: An Organizing Principle for a Compelling Class, Block or School

113. Deeper Learning: Engaging Students Across the Humanities

Math Blends

114. How to Blend Math

115. Study Confirms Gains From Game-Based ST Math

116. Making Math Work: K-8 Blended Learning (white paper)


117. Infographic: The Flipped Classroom

118. Infographic: Blended Learning From the Ground Up

119. The SAMR Ladder Through the Lens of 21st Century Skills

120. Blended Learning & The Teaching Profession

121. Infographic: Busting Myths About Online Learning

Online Learning

122. iLearn Project Releases 2nd Edition of Online Learning 101

123. Bridging Policy & Practice: Reflections From an Online Educator & Digital Learning Advocate

124. iNACOL Releases 5 Policy Reforms for Online Learning

125. Teaching Online: Choose the Right Platform Why States Should Require Online Learning

For more, see the updated Blended Learning Implementation Guide out this month.

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