Opportunity Culture is a web resource that’s all about leveraging teacher talent.  It’s the best place to learn about making the most of talent and technology to boost student achievement.

Brian and Emily Hassel provide Gladwell-like services to U.S. K-12–they produce analysis that makes you say, “I never thought of it that way.”  Their team at  Public Impact has been making the case that we need to invent organizational models and tech tools that will help every U.S. student benefit from great teaching.

In Opportunity at the Top, they noted that all of the current ‘put a great teacher in every classroom’ efforts would fall well short of the goal.  For the last 18 months, they’ve been making the case for blended learning and new staffing models.

Yesterday, Public Impact posted  summaries of how 10 different school models leverage talent.  “In each of these models, teachers have career opportunities dependent upon their excellence, leadership, and student impact. Advancement allows more pay and greater reach.”  Here’s a cool info graphic, Extending the Reach of Great Teachers.”


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