The CityBridge-NewSchools Education Innovation Fellowship is a great developmental opportunity for teachers in Washington DC.  On Monday we’re holding a conversation about blended learning.  Following is a list of some of the questions we’ll discuss and some resources for developing answers.

1. Why now?  Why should principals consider redesigning around a blended model? Why not wait? How to start conversations? How to build support?

Where to start?  To phase or plunge?  What is the first step in translating knowledge of blended learning into action in a school? What are promising strategies around change management and cultivating buy-in at the school level?

2. What model? Is a classroom rotation model or lab rotation better for an elementary school?

Should a high school consider a flex model over a rotation model?

3. How to manage mastery?  How will competency-based environments work?

5. What device?

6. How to pay for it?

7. How will teaching change?  What about teacher training?

8. What about relationships? How much time online? How do you build a powerful culture?

9. What policies will help?

10. What’s new? What’s next? What should we pay attention to?  What tech/pedagogical innovation will be big advances.  What are the “innovation gaps” we still need to close?  What do we need most for this blended learning work to really take off?

Every metro area needs a capacity development program like the Fellowship.

Disclosures: Curriculum Associates and Digital Learning Now! are Getting Smart Advocacy Partners.


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