EdTechWomen Community Continues to Build

A new community is forming in the edtech space after two very successful events this year. The brainchild of Noodle Education’s Sehreen Noor Ali, Edtech Women is a fast growing network of women working in the wide realm of education technology. With over 100 women gathering first at SXSWedu and then following up with over 100 joining together to have dinner at ISTE13, the energy being created is contagious.

With just these two events so far, Edtech Women already has gone global with attendees who have lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia as well as representing almost every state in the country. Both dinners radiated with positivity and provided a time and venue for women from all the different aspects of educational technology to get to know each other, personally. There was no set agenda and no rigid expectations set… just good food, an elegant, comfortable setting, and a few conversation starters. As a result, all the women there were able to enjoy a night of incredible stories, connections and gain new friendships that do not typically occur at strictly scheduled and hectic conferences.
At last week’s ISTE conference Margaret Roth and Rose Burt of An Estuary, a new center for enriching professional development in Baltimore, MD, organized a spectacular event that was truly the highlight of the entire conference for most of the guests. (and Getting Smart was proud to sponsor).

At the EdTechWomen Dine #ISTE13 event we are proud to say that we will be host to educators, entrepreneurs, founders, professors, administrators, writers, bloggers, reporters, technologists, programmers, and teachers. But most of all we are proud to say that we be will host to changers. People who know that just attending is not enough, who know that sharing their voice is the key to propelling all of us forward. They are the key to making not just a shifted, not just a better education, but a fundamentally different education a reality.      -Margaret Roth
I am excited about the sense of community and the energy for bringing more women’s voices to the conversation. Women in our space are doing amazing things, and we want to help them build up the confidence and community and support to make their voices heard.          -Rose Burt

In true Sheryl Sandberg style, Edtech Women will not stop here, but instead, take this opportunity to keep moving forward and “lean in.” Over 10 ETW chapters are already sprouting in different cities throughout the US and a scheduled #ETW twitter is in the works. Get involved, stay up to date and share any ideas at edtechwomen.com.

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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Susan Davis

I am so proud and honored to be part of this group. This group of women in technology gives me access to many inspirational stories and resources for growing. I look forward to contributing to the best work we can do together.

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