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Monday night at 5:00 pm PT/ 8:00pm ET is the time to tune into Twitter and  #edtechchat to stay updated on what all the tech educators are talking about.  This week many are still in recovery mode from 3 hot days in San Antonio while others, didn’t make the trek, but want to connect virtually,  jump into to talk about everything good at the year’s biggest edtech conference… either way this week’s ISTE wrap up includes many great insights .

The complete archive of last night will soon be up on the #edtechchat wiki, but in the meantime, here is Getting Smart’s own version of storify…
@vandalgrad Just letting my Twitter followers know that I’m going to be doing #edtechchat so my timeline will light up a bit.
@s_bearden: Q1: What were your biggest takeaways from ISTE? #edtechchat
@VanessaAJackso A1: Meeting and connecting with amazing, like-minded people #edtechchat
@cybraryman1 A1 We can be the change. Need to teach students how to use tech responsibly and engage them in the learning process #stuvoice #edtechchat
@drjinks A1: if you follow the right people (twitter and blogs) you can still learn even if you were not there. #edtechchat
@SrtaLisa A1: Relationships and the HackEd experience. During the conference I spent most of my time in the poster sessions #edtechchat
@DCchelsea #ISTE13 takeaways: Need to advocate for broadband/ConnectEd initiative lead by @OfficeofEdTech ; move toward mobile learning#edtechchat
@KatrinaStevens1 Q2 What resources did you find most valuable from ISTE? #edtechchat
@pronovost A2: I’m still combing through resources from#iste13. You can check out my favorited tweets for an unfiltered list. #edtechchat

@s_bearden If you were #notatiste a lot of great resouces will be shared tonight! #edtechchat

@KatrinaStevens1 You must see @adambellow’s closing keynote (20 min in): bit.ly/11YBBK2 #edtechchat
@s_bearden @Kimber88 @SrtaLisa I highly recommend HackEd! If you go to ISTE be sure to get there a day early for the unconference! #edtechchat
@s_bearden What are your plans to share what you learned at ISTE? #edtechchat
@NS_Technology  A3 We have planned an #ISTE13 “Overall Wrap-up Meeting:Turn Reflection into Action” meeting on Wed for all who attended from RI#edtechchat
@VanessaAJackson A3 Developing PD class for teachers in my building/district where I can share what I learned while at #ISTE13 #edtechchat
@drjinks A3 #notatiste Start thinking of a poster session type of presentation now and use it to focus my own PD this year. #edtechchat
@KatrinaStevens1 @JudyArzt @pronovost @vandalgrad Sunday’s Ignite sessions included several with the themes of play, creativity and joy. #edtechchat
@KatrinaStevens1 Q4: What is the value of attending conferences such as ISTE? #edtechchat
@lindayollis A4 : Benefit of #iste13 :: Meeting and connecting w/ like-minded educator. It’s great to see enthusiasm reflected back! #edtechchat
@pronovost A4: The value of attending #iste13 for me was meeting educators who are doing things way more incredible
@s_bearden Q5: How can we best insure that we put what we learn at conferences into practice? #edtechchat
@keightyeight A5: Support through Twitter #pln. Setting goals and sharing them with colleagues and students#edtechchat
@vandalgrad A5 Regardless of the conference, blog, set goals, & don’t be afraid to fail. #edtechchat
@Kairosedtech A5: Create a simple action plan: commit to working on 3 actions you plan on implementing#edtechchat
@lindayollis A5 : Pick one/two ideas/strategies to bring into practice. Better to do something well than try to do it all! @s_bearden #edtechchat
@KatrinaStevens1 Q6: Microsoft gave away 10,000 free Surfaces–Thoughts? #edtechchat
@NS_Technology A6: I found the #surface hardware to be nice however having to ONLY shop in a limited app store the biggest pitfall. #edtechchat
@s_bearden A6: Until the Windows tablet app ecosystem develops don’t know how much traction it will get but glad for the chance to try it #edtechchat
@KLirenman #iste13 was connection overload and I loved every minute of it. #edtechchat

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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