Staff Picks: Gaming, OER, Big Data

Tom Picks “All the World’s a Game

Tom says, “Adam Renfro’s insightful look at the benefits of game-based strategies predicts expanded time on task with visual progress monitoring (intrinsic) and reward systems (extrinsic) expands.”

Karen Picks “14 Open Resources For High School

Karen says, “Slowly but surely it’s happening. I’ve been following the development of open content in both K-12 and higher ed for some time; this is good news.”

Caroline Picks “iPrep: The Miami Flex”

Caroline says, “Innovative school models such as iPrep are truly helping students become college and career ready. These flexible school environments allow students to manage their time and participate in self-directed learning allowing the teachers to be a guide and coach. I hope we see more schools like iPrep popping up around the country.”

Carri Picks “Digital Learning Now! Presents Data Plan to Power Personalization

Carri says, “The second DLN Smart Series paper covers a lot of ground–from calling attention to the inadequacies of current student data systems to creating a vision for a new way of collecting and accessing data to power personalized learning. Lots of smart people are figuring out ways to harness analytics and open data to service student learning, we’ve just got to figure out a way to bring them all together. The ‘Data Backpacks’ paper starts to do that.”

Sarah Picks “Classroom Management Software: Training Wheels for Student Technology?

Sarah says, “At some point we need to get away from the fear of distraction argument and move toward a classroom culture that understands appropriate and respectful use of technology. That in itself is a skill classrooms can offer students in preparation for college and careers.”

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