Smarterer Just Got Smarter: 3 Enhancements

Smarterer today announced three new project enhancements that will improve learning for users, which continues a trajectory to support lifelong learning. According to the Smarterer blog, the enhancements include the following:

Improved Test Flow: One of Smarterer’s greatest assets is the ability to calibrate someone’s score in under 20 questions (think 60 seconds or so!). Where we were once shepherding users toward answering an endless supply of questions with hopes of improving their scores, we now message users as soon as we’re able to accurately assess their skill level.

Question Review: Since launching, we’ve heard that users value Smarterer test questions as a way to expand their knowledge. Following each test session, we now promptly move users into a new mode where they can now review every question, learning from right and wrong responses.

Continuous Benchmarking: Keeping each individual’s personal learning path in mind, our new user flow enables people to return over time to reassess their skills as they learn. With so many new learning options available (from EdX to Udemy to Skillshare), this becomes an essential tool for measuring the impact of different types of curriculum. 

In an effort to do more than quantify skills, Smarter hopes the new features will allow users to improve learning, not just prove knowledge.

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