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Is it possible to significantly improve mathematical skills and performance by dedicating just 15 minutes to it per day?
Smartick, an adaptive learning method and interactive application, is proving it may just be possible. While it is newly launched in the U.S., the Smartick Method has proven successful with thousands of students around the world. Research shows that with continuous practice, students master major math concepts and demonstrate improvement in both math grades and test scores.
The Smartick Method is simple: students complete short, daily sessions for 10-15 minutes a day that challenge them to improve mental calculation, algebra skills and logic. The app provides real-time adaptability to personalize the lessons and problems to the appropriate level for the individual.
Beyond the Method, the app itself is also simple. It’s easy to use and understand, and is presented in a straightforward manner without unnecessary distraction. To begin, the app walks you through an orientation explaining the different user features, and the student completes a quick entry test to customize the Method for the unique student. From then on, the student immediately begins the daily customized session upon login.
In the sessions, the student earns “Ticks” for completing problems, and even for electing to correct problems in the end. Once the session is complete, the student is free to explore and play in the virtual world, an easily navigable world shown on a map with paths connecting the store, the house, the treehouse, the school and more.
The Ticks the student earns in lessons are the virtual world’s currency to purchase a variety of accessories and items to personalize their world.
The app continues to reward and surprise users with bonus Ticks for daily use of the app and unlocks new areas of the virtual world as students progress through lessons. The app provides motivation and empowerment with positive feedback and an opportunity for the student to rate both how they feel and the difficulty of the lesson.
Beyond the student user features, the app is accompanied by interactive parent and tutor features. This includes a separate login for reviewing the student’s progress and sending them incentives. An email is also sent to the parent or tutor upon student completion of a daily session with a personalized summary of the student’s performance.
This app is intended for ages 4 to 14, as it is appropriately challenging for a 4-year-old to begin mathematical thinking while appropriately addressing critical math fundamentals that a 14-year-old should strengthen and refine before high school level math classes.
The 15-day trial allows new users plenty of time to explore and experience all the app has to offer and begin seeing positive results in their learning. Subscriptions are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, with rates available for just over $1 per day.
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