Staff Picks: ASU, Essay Scoring, EdTech Startups, & College Completion

Karen Picks “College Completion Q&A Sam Smith”

Karen says, “I have always enjoyed Dr. Smith’s leadership in education. He is a true leader.”

Sarah Picks ASU SkySong Ed Innovation Summit

Sarah says, “We’re all excited to head to AZ next week for the Ed Innovation Summit!”

Caroline Picks Automated Essay Scoring Demonstrated Effective

Caroline says, “A dedicated Hewlett Foundation sponsored team spent the last six months working on a demonstration of intelligent scoring.  They invited nine testing vendors to participate in a scoring thousands of student essays and their results compared favorably with expert graders. Stay tuned for the May 9 award of the $100,000 prize to the best performers in a competition.”

Tom Picks EdTech Startups as Topic of the Week

Tom says, “We’re seeing a real renaissance  of educational technology.  This week I posted six blogs that describe what I’m seeing: productive post-secinformal learningskill verificationlearning to codeclassroom tools and magical math content. Stay tuned for for more.

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