Staff Picks: Early College, Friday Films, Technovation Challenge, Jeb Bush

Tom Picks the NYCan Early College Report

Tom says, “NYCan released a report this week advocating for early college high schools, Start College Early, Finish College Strong, and we added that with online learning every high school should offer early college credit.”

Karen Picks Friday Films & Bloggers are Getting Smart

Karen says, “Couldn’t pick just one, these two are great. First pick is Friday Films by SchoolTube: Educator Demonstrates STEM Concepts With Origami. I was completely entranced with this project.  Great fun! Second pick is Breaking News Alert: Bloggers Are Getting Smart from our blogger Adam Renfro. Nothing says it better, glad to set it straight”.

Caroline Picks Gov. Bush on Digital Learning

Caroline says, “I appreciated Gov. Bush’s Orlando Sentinel article this week. Our team appreciates his leadership in the digital learning community and agrees every student should have access to a challenging and personalized education. He ends this piece well by describing what teachers and students deserve;
Our students deserve the type of education technology empowers them to have. Our teachers deserve to have the best tools that our society can provide. And our students’ futures demand that we take full advantage of technology to transform education today.”

Sarah Picks the Technovation Challenge

Sarah says, “It’s great to see the ways that organizations like Iridescent are empowering young women in STEM. I really enjoyed watching the videos in this week’s post and hearing the stories of so many inspiring women.”

Getting Smart Staff

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