eSchool News Releases Blended Learning Guide

eSchool News released a new Educator Resource Center (ERC) focused on guiding educators in successfully implementing blended learning in classrooms today.
Sponsored by K12, Inc., “The Many Faces of Blended Learning” is comprised of key resources and examples of combined virtual and traditional learning techniques to form a modern and effective learning strategy.
Technology is transforming education, most notably in the way students have access to learning opportunities. No longer must students sit in a classroom, plodding along at the same pace as their peers, if they wish to learn—as online instruction has opened a new world of possibilities.
But despite the potential benefits that virtual learning offers, traditional, face-to-face learning has significant strengths of its own. That’s why a growing number of schools are discovering that blended learning—a combination of traditional and virtual education—opens up even further learning possibilities for students, combining the best elements of both face-to-face and online instruction.
Topics in the ERC include the fight for digital learning in the political realm, the expansion of free online curriculum to middle grades, the education goals in the National Broadband Plan and the rising interest in hybrid courses.
To access “The Many Faces of Blended Learning”, visit ….

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