60+ Top Articles On Blended Learning

By: Jaclyn Norton
Blended learning buzzed at conferences this year and across the education market. iNACOL, the leader in the blended learning space, created a new definition for the term. We’ve seen it in classrooms, heard it from teachers, and talked about it at Getting Smart. Featured in the articles below, Getting Smart highlights the new ideas and innovations surrounding blended learning.

  1. An Inside View of Blended Integration at Rocketship Education
  2. Christensen’s Curve & The Digital Learning Revolution
  3. Intel Vision Video: Partial Picture of Blended Future
  4. Blended Learning Can Improve Working Conditions, Teaching & Learning
  5. Policy Implications of Online & Blended Learning
  6. iLearn Project Releases 2nd Edition of Online Learning 101
  7. Innovation & Execution: A Colorado Springs Case Study
  8. From LMS to Learning Ecosystems
  9. DreamBox Learning: Intelligently Adaptive, Engaging & Motivating Math
  10. 35 Sources for Curated Educational Videos 
  11. How Digital Learning is Boosting Achievement
  12. Hillary’s Graduation Success Story
  13. What’s Your Main Purpose For Blended Learning?
  14. Innovations High: Tour the Future of Education
  15. When Glee Meets FIRST for Coffee and Leaves With an AA
  16. 10 Reasons Every District Should Open a Flex School
  17. Educurious: Engaging Minds & Changing Lives
  18. Blended Learning: New Solution to an Old Platform
  19. Report: Study Shows That Bricks May Hinder Learning
  20. Maker High: Why Every School Should Be a Maker Faire
  21. Extreme “Make” Over Computer Lab Edition!
  22. Innosight Institute Classifies K-12 Blended Learning In New Report
  23. What Does Going Digital Mean for the Future of K-12 Assessment?
  24. Time for More Simulations in Class & On Tests
  25. Edmodo: Instant Blend, Quick Flip, Easy BYOD
  26. School Coach David Ginsburg on the Common Core & Teacher Support
  27. Khan’s Big Contribution Will Be Competency-Based Learning
  28. NewSchools: Ten Conversations with Edupreneurs 
  29. Teaching Opportunity: Excellence, Leadership, & Student Impact
  30. Change the Space, Change the Program, Expect High Outcomes
  31. Charlottesville Chooses Windows Tablets
  32. How Formative Assessment Supports Writing to Learn
  33. Sloan Blended Classroom Conference
  34. Who Will Work in Schools of the Future
  35. NYCan Makes the Case for Early College
  36. Bridging Policy & Practice: Reflections From an Online Educator & Digital Learning Advocate
  37. The 10 Big Issues of Our Time
  38. Project-Based Blends
  39. iNACOL Releases 5 Policy Reforms for Online Learning
  40. The Shift to Personal Digital Learning-Palm Springs Addition
  41. Leading the Shift to Personal Digital Learning-Chandler Addition
  42. APOLO: Blended Learning in Washington’s own Backyard
  43. 1:1 in Peru Suggests Instruction is Important
  44. Virtual Classrooms Supersize Hunger to Learn
  45. FLVS Offers Leadership & Professional Development Training for Online & Blended Learning
  46. Blended Learning Demands Big Open Spaces: 10 Tips for Blended Space
  47. 10 Things School Leaders Should Do to Boost Blended Learning
  48. Teaching Online: 10 Questions to Pick the Right Platform
  49. Why States Should Require Online Learning
  50. 10 reasons the shift may happen faster than you think
  51. 10 Things I’d Do Right Now as a Superintendent
  52. The 3 Screen Day: Equity & Opportunity with BYOD
  53. You’re Already BYOT But You Won’t Admit It
  54. How EdTech Will Benefit Low Income Students
  55. How will the shift to digital learning happen?
  56. Building a Thoughtful Blend
  57. 6 Ways Digital Learning is Changing Teaching
  58. Free, mobile, clouds and other innovation topics
  59. Why Three Districts Chose Chromebooks Over Tablets
  60. Creating Sound Policy For Digital Learning
  61. 10 reasons teachers love blended learning
  62. How to Blend Math
  63. Flex Schools Personalize, Enhance and Accelerate Learning
  64. The NEA Spells Out Support for Blended Learning
  65. DJ Your Classroom: The Digital Playlist
  66. Blended Learning Q&A, Psychology Today
  67. Blended Learning Q&A, Guernica
  68. Kickin’ it old school and inventing the future
  69. Personal Digital Learning is Changing the World

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