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Place Based Education

5 Reasons To Take Time Out of the Classroom

By: Sam Nelson. Since I plan and experience a wide range of excursions around the world with many different students, I am often asked how we justify taking valuable time out of the classroom. Here are five reasons I feel it's important to do so.


Designing Beautiful Places for Learning

Victoria Bergsagel, president of Architects of Achievement, has helped envision successful programs and inspiring spaces for hundreds of schools. Here are ten suggestions she offers for opening stellar new schools.


How to Build a Growth Mindset into School Culture

By: Tiffany Della Vedova. A growth mindset must be a prerequisite belief and an easy one to champion. However, the divide between comprehension and practice can be quite wide. As school leaders, how can we bring awareness to this gap and implement practices to cultivate a growth mindset within our schools?


Research Reveals Why Students Need Field Trips

This study confirms the significance educational programs offered by art museums and cultural institutions have in our students’ educational outcomes. In a time when many districts are scaling back on field trips due to budgetary constraints or to fear that the time spent on a field trip is time lost in “seat time,” this research helps to advocate for learning outside the traditional school setting.