Getting Smart Podcast | Student Voice: A Catalyst for Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is not a trend — it is a process to leverage student voice and choice, which research ties to increased learning outcomes.” – Dr. David Haglund
Inspired by conversations with students at the annual iNACOL Symposium, in this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast we dive into the connection between student voice and personalized learning.
At its core, the purpose of the personalized learning framework is to open student pathways and to encourage student voice in their education. As we shift to next-gen education models, ones that place students at the center and in control of learning, student voice can serve as a catalyst for this change. iNACOL-photoblog-featureIn often the best and most successful examples, student voice begins with an intentional effort to personalize learning. When learning is personalized, students answer what works for them.
It’s vital to also point out here that as Generation Do-It-Yourself hacks their way to connecting their passions with career pathways, student voice is a driver, it’s imperative to creating learning experiences that are tailored to the unique mission and value based learning that students deserve.
For this episode we talked with personalized learning students from RB Stall High School from Charleston, SC. We also invited leaders from Student Voice, a for-students-by-students nonprofit organization spearheading a social movement to integrate student voices into the global education conversation, to share their thinking. A huge thanks to Zak Malamed, Founder & Executive Director and Tara Subramaniam, Co-Founder & Director of Student Voice Live! for joining us as part of this podcast.

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