Getting Smart Podcast | Tom Vander Ark on Why Talent Matters

As we spend time in classrooms across the country, we observe a variety of key elements that seem to support the drive to more personalized, next-gen schools. No matter what the student population, school location, or level of district support, one thing that is consistent in these new school models, is the commitment to finding (and keeping) the best of the best.

In his most recent book, Smart Cities That Work For Everyone, Tom Vander Ark writes that, “Great leaders find and develop great talent at all levels of the organization. They realize the connection between talent and outcomes. Examples of innovative talent development practice can be found both within districts and around the world.”

Schools and districts are finding new ways to recruit and develop talent, and as it will be increasingly important that we find ways to scale. Recently released, Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning describes 10 roles leading toward deeper learning and recommendations for prep and develop to better prepare deeper learning leaders.

Listen to the interview with Tom to talk about why talent matters.

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