Getting Smart Podcast | Rethinking Educator Professional Development with Micro-credentials

Educators are continuously learning and developing. Until recently, this process was undervalued and far from individualized. Micro-credentials are a huge opportunity to transform teacher professional development and ongoing education by shifting the focus from consumption to competence.

In Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning, we define micro-credentials as:

A new way of identifying competencies and providing recognition for teachers who demonstrate evidence of application with students, are more focused and granular than diplomas, degrees or certificates. As such, they are more flexible and support educators with many options for both formal and informal learning throughout their careers.

In this podcast, Tom Vander Ark sits down with Jennifer Kabaker, Director of Educator Micro-Credentials at Digital Promise and Jason Lange, Bloomboard CEO, to talk specifics about what micro-credentials look like, how research can be used to support personalization of teacher development, and why this will impact the future of educator development.

Micro-credentials not only add value to the learning and development that educators are known for, but they also empower educators in a more personalized and meaningful way.

For more on Micro-credentials, check out:

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Margaret Jones-Carey

We have micro-credentials in various pedagogical areas already to go for teachers. Teacher leadership will be added soon. We would welcome the opportunity to share our work as well.

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