Getting Smart Podcast | Progress and the Path Forward for Digital Learning

Digital learning has changed the way the world learns. We are in an age in which access to an internet connection gives way to a flood of information and a vast opportunity for on-demand learning.

The world wide web made its big splash in August of 1991. Since then we have watched schools and districts shift the way they think about school and learning (sometimes slower than we would anticipate).

In this podcast, we talk about what that shift to digital learning has looked like and what we hope to see as it continues.

Listen to a conversation between Mickey Revenaugh​, co-founder at Connections Education and Director of New Schools Models for Pearson and Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart. Both have been following the shift to digital learning very closely for several years. Here they share their past predictions, their current observations and their hopes and concerns about the path forward.

This episode dives into whether or not digital learning alone leads to personalized learning, whether the laptop is a thing of the past, and what the shift to digital learning means for the millennial and z generations.

For additional resources on the benefits of digital learning and to learn how you can help us in telling the stories of teachers and classrooms who are making the shift, check out The Shift To Digital Learning Campaign Page and tweet to #ShiftToDigitalEd or #IMadeTheShift.

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A huge thank you to Pearson Education for helping to capture and document the shift to digital education and for sponsoring this podcast!

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